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Rappers and singers

And their crazy tattoos

2011-03-31 20:39:45
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Have you ever thought how cool it would be to get tattoos exactly where you want them and what you wanted, without worrying about what others think about you? Celebrities do not have to worry about job interviews and such things as normal mortals as it is part of their image. Here are a few examples on how crazy you can get when you don't have to bother at all.
Rappers and singers - And their crazy tattoos


When it comes to celebrities and tattoos it almost seems like rappers and singers are probably those who gone completely out of hand. The reason is probably that they, like so many others should not be looking professional and qualified for job interviews and other "normal" stuff, and therefore may might as well have tattooed tears and ice cream in the face. Some might love the style and some just find those tattoos stupid - But they are certainly ink lovers and you have to respect them for that.


Gucci Mane Ice Cream Tattoo

Gucci Mane with his Ice Cream Face tattoo. Vote: Drunk or high?


Lil Wayne tattoos

Lil Wayne have tattoos all over his body and even advertisement like Rolls Royce. A walking billboard


Soulja Boy Tattoos

Soulja Boy Tellem - Just like Lil Wayne he did not save place for future wifeys names


Tyga Tattoos

Tyga - Another example of full body tattoo


Birdman Tattoos

Birdman - The star represent where his hair used to be


Nelly tattoos

Nelly - Not that crazy, actually more normal and looks great


The Game Tattoos

The Game - The L.A. tattoo in his face has been changed since

Ll Cool J Tattoos

Ll Cool J


Rihanna Tattoos

Rihanna - Must admit that suits her body and looks sexy


Amy Winehouse Tattoos

Amy Winehouse - Started out with a naked woman on her left arm showing of her tits and suddenly censored it - Perhaps she got so sober for a minute or two?



Imagine you were a celebrity and never had to worry about what people thought of you, as you made your living anway.
Which tattoos would you have and where should they be at your body?


  • Kazz4ndr4 2011-04-01 00:08:34
    Love the ice cream tattoo on the first image, cool and real stupid at the same time :)

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