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Misspelled tattos

Don't follow these stupid examples

2011-04-02 16:39:01
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Why would someone be so stupid that they decided to get permanent ink on their body without checking the word they wanted tattooed on their body? Check these misspelled tattoos so you won't make the same mistake
Misspelled tattos - Don't follow these stupid examples


Yes, you are really "awsome"


Really sux when you try to represent your area - and can't spell it right. "Chi-tonw"


Everyone "elese" are stupid, why can't I be?


I'm sure God will not "juge" you (Whatever that means)


This guy looks so serious about his tattoo. What a shame he didn't double-check it


I like "Summmer" too but I like Summer even better.


This one speaks for itself


I don't think the "Systsem" give a fuck about you too


No "Tomarrow" never knows, but I know you look just as stupid tomorrow as today


"To young to die", it should be "Too young and stupid to get a tattoo"


That tattoo sure is a "Tradgedy"


And another "Tradgey" to the collection


Thank you, "Your" welcome too


Oh yeah? But "Your" stupid


Another one that speak for itself

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